A big hey there from Studio Pilates Auckland New Zealand!

We are a boutique studio sharing premises with well-known physiotherapists, located in Auckland Central City. There is easy access to all motorways - our clients love being able to duck in for their sessions from work or home - from north, south, east and west Auckland!

Studio Pilates 10 Years Teaching in Auckland

It’s very exciting to be in our 10th year in business proving that time flies when you’re having fun.

Thanks to all our great clients for their patronage - some have been with us the whole time. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to teach you the Pilates method of body conditioning and see you looking and feeling so amazing!

Pilates is the best exercise initially for lumbar spine strengthening and stability, spinal vertebrae decompression, un-rounding shoulders and of course core stomach muscle strengthening.

Once a certain level of core strength has been reached the real fun begins, as we can then get the whole body a greater shape, flexibility, mobility and adaptability!

Move with more ease, grace and happiness. Come join in!

Pilates exercises restore functional joint strength and range of movement for ALL joints in the body & sorts out all muscle lengths - so the whole body works as one whole, in sweet unison!

Other key areas that Pilates helps are:

  • necks (correct forward head leaning, re-align over shoulders & hips)
  • shoulders (release frozen or re-align rounded)
  • rotator cuffs (activate, strengthen and lengthen, rehab)
  • elbows (strengthen tennis, golf, hyper-flexibility)
  • wrists (strengthen and re-align)
  • hips (tighten them up, increase range & connect to core stomach muscles and lumbar spine)
  • knees (re-align with hips and strengthen)
  • ankles, foot arches, metatarsals (activate and strengthen adaptability)
  • hamstrings (lengthen, connect with glutes and leg connection)
  • trapezius muscle (release tension and lengthen)
  • inner thighs (activate, strengthen, length & connect to abs and glutes)
  • glutes (activate the glutes group, connect to abs and inner thighs)

Pilates not only engages the core stomach & spinal muscles – it also strengthens and lengthens all muscle groups and increases joint, tendon & ligament health (scientifically proven) - gaining true results that enhance your whole body!

Pilates Lesson Options

  • Private Studio sessions ($95 per hour)
  • Duet Studio sessions ($120 per hour) – great for couples!
  • Small Group Studio Mat and Equipment sessions ($25 each per hour)
  • Mobile Group Mat classes (maximum of 10 people for 8 weeks)
  • Mobile Private & Duet sessions ($120 per hour)

More about Studio Pilates

Please read more about our training through Peak Pilates USA, take a look through our studio, or simply contact us for a no obligation consultation, thank-you!


"‘Wow I can’t believe I’m in this shape, the effort of putting into Heather’s Pilates has paid off in spades.

Heather’s knowledge of anatomy and what the human body can achieve out of her course is second to none, she knows her stuff."

Dr Laura Young

Studio Pilates Auckland Ltd

Address: The Institute of Sport & Physiotherapy
Ground Floor
128 Kyberpass Road


021 124 9035



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