Mobile Private and Duet Pilates Sessions

Mobile Pilates for Private and Duet sessions is a great service, where we come to you! Many clients choose this option such as professionals working from home and busy parents.

We are different to our competitors - we bring studio based equipment to you, so you get more benefits from your mobile sessions, with greater resistance.

pilatessticks-sml.jpg Pilates Stickes: the Pilatesstick is a professional grade portable body sculpting system that allows you to do much of the work usually reserved for the tower, ideal for studio or home use.
wundachair-sml.jpg Wunda Chair: Our Wunda Chair is an authentic version of the original that converts from a working to sitting position and has the look of fine furniture. Wunda Chair lets us know where your power house is at by challenging intra-abdominal pressure (scoop) against gravity.
powercircle-sml.jpg Power Circle: the Power Circle is perfect resistance, as tested in studios worldwide, the 3-band Power Circle can be used to add challenge and variety to your individual workout or to group mat classes.
  Swiss Balls: adds movement complexity to exercises that are part of the pilates repertoire.

  Franklin Balls: Psoas complex (group of core stabilising muscles) gets stretched and worked amongst other standing/balancing exercises. Also used along the long back muscles, IT band and other superficial muscles as a muscle massage technique.

  Chi Balls: great for lumber and cervical spine strengthening and inner thigh connection.

  Therapy Band: helps work tighter in the hip and shoulder joints. Takes a workout to an intermediate/advanced level when used for spinal rolling exercises.

  Pilates Mats: are at minimum 8 mm thick to aid sequential spinal articulation.

Locations we provide mobile services to are anywhere in Auckland including Herne Bay, Ponsonby, Auckland City, Remuera and the North Shore. Call or email for a quote today!

Mobile Pilates saves you travel time and we provide all the Pilates gear needed, so all you have to do is find an hour that works for you.

Please note, cancellation in advance of 24 hours of appointment is no charge. Cancellation in less than 24 hours before appointment will unfortunately result in full charge.

Please contact us for further information on pricing and availability!



"I definitely recommend doing pilates, its helped my flexibility and– I am now able to touch my toes!” “Its fun learning new pilates exercises and the more I do, the stronger and taller I feel”.

“Pilates has helped my opera singing, I can hold bigger notes for longer, its great”. “I feel uplifted after every pilates session”. Its so affordable doing pilates with a group”.

“I'm a busy professional with two children, its fabulous having someone come to you and teach you, so time effective."

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